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Canada Visit Visa

To visit Canada, Middle East residents are required to fill in the Canadian application visaCanada allows certain nationalities a free stay for a period of up to 6 months. However, most nationalities require Canadian tourist visa that allows the applicant to stay in the country for 6 months, after filling a form of Temporary Resident Visa.

Obtaining a visit visa to Canada can be complicated, owing to the change in the requirements from time to time. It is pre-requisite to prove to the Canadian authorities on the intention of the applicant to return back to his country of origin, wherein the necessitate documentation must be carried out. Besides this, the applicant must provide sufficient proof that one is able to provide oneself with sufficient amount of money during his stay in Canada. Being able to have an approved visit visa is of advantage, as it allows the applicant to take an education courses with the duration less than 6 months. However, it is forbidden for visit visa holders to carry out any nature of work.

Interested in Visiting Canada?

There are different types of Canada Visit visas, including single entry, multiple entry and transit visas. Each visa type has its own requirements and Pacific Migration consultants are more than ready to assist you in planning your holiday or travel to Canada.