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United Kingdoms is among the most popular destinations for exchange students. It is one of the most
accessible and well-recognized countries in the world. England plays a host to such a myriad of students
for various study programs, Engineering, MBA, Masters, Medicine, PDH etc. The United Kingdom has
some of the reputed universities with top global rankings in the world.

There is a range of courses you can choose to apply, a lot of international students decide to come to
the UK because of no language barrier. Educational courses are mostly taught in English and you can
also speak English with your fellow mates. It offers a rich experience for international students. Although
prepare before making your big move, the visa documentation can be lengthy and time-consuming. You
need to apply for a student visa during your course of study post which you can opt for a year extension
to gain some work experience before you move back to India.

If you are looking for scholarships and aids to support your stay, it is not very easy to achieve one, you
need to show your financial support evidence, besides, there are an extensive range of scholarships and
fellowships granted. You can receive government-funded UK scholarships, non-government as well as
university-specific scholarships. It is highly sought-after and extremely competitive and if you are
talented and have the grades for it apply with us to help you find a suitable scholarship program.
Besides scholarships, make sure you plan your travel with a lot of cash in mind.

Once you set your mind to study in the UK, let us beware you, the English weather is temperamental so
pack your clothes for all seasons. Once you have enrolled in a program, start looking for the right
accommodation right away. For the undergraduate to graduate students you are expected to pay
somewhere between 10,000 euro to 18000 euros. While travelling in the UK is not very hard, you can
easily access good public transport system with an extensive network of buses, planes and trains which
will simplify your travelling throughout Europe.

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