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Tier 1 Investor Visa

UK Tier 1 Investor Visa

A points-based visa enables genuine high-net individuals to make a substantial investment in the United Kingdom. The visa has a validity of three years and four months and can be extended if the applicant wishes to continue living in the UK.

UK Investor Visa : Benefits of this visa

Once your visa has been approved:

​A three-year visa to travel to the UK in order to explore business opportunities and make an investment​ Allows the main applicant and dependents to settle down in the UK through a fast-track option. ​The spouse will be able to work or study full time. ​The main applicant might be able to carry out full-time employment. ​Children below 18 years will benefit of free education in any public school. ​Free medical insurance for the visa holder and his dependents, ​Upon completion of three years the visa holder might be eligible to apply for a two-year extension (subject to requirements) ​UK citizenship upon completion of five years living in the UK ​Fast processing time ​An excellent opportunity to settle down in UK for genuine business people

What is needed?

​You will need to prove that you have the required funds of 1,000,000 pounds to make an investment in the UK. ​You must show proof that the funds are legally earned. ​Sufficient maintenance fees to cover your living expenses including dependents without accessing the country’s public funds. ​To apply for a two-year extension you must show documented proof that you had committed with the required investment.