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PhD in Australia

Australian universities are known for their quality research. They have some of the best universities in
the world. The Australian government and Australian Universities provide many scholarships for
international students wanting an education in Australia. A degree in PhD is the highest qualification.

Different Australian universities conduct various doctoral courses. Select a university depending on your
research topic or subject. It is mostly a three years program and gets extended as per your
requirements. This enables international students to gain experience with leading Australian researchers
and it also provides a gateway for the further research and academic profession.

Indian Students requires a master’s degree from a reputed university to enroll in a PhD program. Your
higher academic grades will help you in acquiring scholarships in PhD. Students can also apply for a
study-work visa up to four years. Apart from this, you can work 20 hours per week during your course.
Various Australian companies engaging with Indian corporates and education institutes here,
encouraging talented students to study abroad.

Do not wait any further, choose your study in Australia, decide your course and your preferred
institution. Register for the course and receive your offer letter from the university. Upon confirmation
of the course, apply for the visa. If you have any confusion, do not worry, register with us and avail
counselling sessions with our experts. We will guarantee a smooth transition and visa documentation for