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New Zealand Immigration & Visa

A country popularly known as God’s own country has a multicultural environment. With the
spectacular geographical location of seas on all sides, you can enjoy the various activities while you
live there. You can almost live a beautiful life with mountains, beaches, hiking, fishing and the list
goes on. It provides you with a unique atmosphere to live life and experience culture like no other.

If you are looking for a perfect long-term career or settlement, New Zealand provides an interesting
and yet dynamic atmosphere to strive and achieve your goals. While you can work for eight hours a
day and a total of forty hours a week. It will give you ample time to explore the traveller inside you.
If you are interested in science and technology its high chance it will be easy for you to look for

Lets now dive straight into the visa and immigration section to guide you through the process:

Student Work Visa this visa allows you to obtain high standards of education while you are enrolled
in any university. Students can study for this visa for up to four years or part-time depending on the
length of the course. English is mostly used for teaching in New Zealand. Rejoice, all English
speakers. You can work part-time and study at the same time. You are allowed to work a total of 20
hours a week. There are certain guidelines you have to meet when you enter New Zealand and the
requirements that must be fulfilled. We will help you through our counselling sessions to guide you
through all the procedures.

Post Study Open-Work Visa this visa allows you to extend your stay in New Zealand after you
complete your Under graduation or Post Graduation. Post then you can look for a job or apply for
employment opportunities. The Post Study Open-Work Visa employer-based employment allows
you to work within the country based on any jobs. There are the basic requirements which need to
be met before getting a clearance for the work visa, which will be guided by us throughout the
immigration and visa process.

Visitor Visa this visa acts like a tourist visa. You can apply for this visa and travel all around New
Zealand. Enjoy the beautiful, natural scenic beauty the country has to offer, the food and the homely
people. This visa is valid for 9 months in general. There are mandatory requirements which are to be
meet and you must be financially sound before you plan your trip. The documents processing can
take time and its better to take help and we can guide you through the processes.

The Business Visitor Visa is also applicable under the categories of Visitor Visa. Professionals and
individuals can conduct any business-related meetings or conferences under this visa support. One
may not be able to work under this visa policy. This visa is valid for three months.

Your family member or relatives can also visit New Zealand by applying for the Visitor Visa and can
make multiple entries with the visa which is convenient and easy for family-oriented individuals. You
can enjoy working and live with your family occasionally at the same time.

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