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Ireland Immigration & Visa

Ireland , the homeland of world renown intellectuals is the only country to spend an immense
budget on its education system. The nation is recognised as a hotspot for student across the
world in pursuit of quality education.


Irish education system provides broad categories of subjects to promote ample of opportunities
in current narrow minded scenario. Approximately 5000 different courses are available to be
accessed by national as well as international students.
The Irish universities are among the top 1℅ in research institutes. The goal of their education
system is to focus on practicality of subjects and imprint a sense of attachment towards it.


The Irish education system is none other then a blessing for ambitious and goal oriented
students. With over 782 million spent on higher education, the government ensure their
universities to stay top notch. Around 35000 international student get a gate pass to study in
Ireland, so pack your bags and make sure you are one among them.


Ireland -a country of historic monuments, a marvel filled with shades of green and blue, starry
sky and clear air singing melodies across world renown beaches, making it a place to be desired.
Though Irish Gaelic is the official language of country the language used in universities is
English. Also, 94% of the total population is capable of conversing in the English language. The
cities are safe, clean and holds an aesthetic view for the eyes which is quite inexpressible in


As compared to other countries, it is quite easy for international students to acquire VISA of
Ireland. As for student belonging from EU and EEA member countries, the freedom from such
obligation is provided and they can study in Ireland without any Visa. For students belonging to
other parent countries, the application for visa can be proceeded and approved in less then one
year, making it a Win-Win situation.