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Hungary Immigration & Visa

In recent years, we are witnessing a tremendous growth in the education and employment sector in
Hungary. Hungary is not a populated country and has its own charm and history. If you are someone
looking for a way to settle abroad and look for a suitable career-option, we are here to guide you
through this journey. We offer a safe and a legal way to help you decide your path.

Before we explain you the visa guidelines, here is a little news fact of Hungary. The unemployment
factor has declined over the period of time and our latest statistics are much clear on this fact.
Although the Hungarian citizens speak a different language like Hungarian, Romanian, German to
some extent, they have recognized English as a common language spoken amongst all. If you are
someone looking for a friendly host and a nation, Hungary acts as an amazing host towards its
people and friends in a community.

Let’s guide you through the visa guidelines of Hungary for the brief information:

EU BLUE CARD: this visa permits skilled professionals a direct entry to settle in Hungary. Although,
this visa is temporary but this is a pathway to become a permanent resident of the country. The
validation of this visa is only for two years upon which you have to apply for a permanent residence.
This visa allows you to accompany your family members with you as long as your visa permits.

The documentation and requirements will be guided by us. We will offer you a detailed procedure
and help you prepare for your journey.

WORK PERMITS: To all enthusiastic professionals looking for an employment opportunity, in
Hungary, you can work for eight hours a day and forty hours a week. The preparation of working as a
professional has to approve and the documentation requirements need to be fulfilled in India. Your
documentation is to be registered by the Hungarian Employment Agency before the approval.

TOURIST VISA: This visa can also be described as a short stay visa. It must not exceed the given time
duration of more than 90 days. You can enjoy the history, culture, food and experience the rich
European lifestyle during your stay. You need to hold a valid visa and identification throughout your

RESIDENCE PERMIT: This visa allows you to become a permanent citizen of the nation but not
without the major scrutiny that follows. If you are planning to settle in Hungary, the documentation
is very detailed and requires very detailed information about your activities and your work.

There are few pros and cons of looking for a permanent residency in Hungary, the process for non-
EU nations usually takes a very time to get approved and usually difficult unless you can build your
business and can employ other Hungarians citizens too.

Lucky you, if you are a student in one the recognized universities in Hungary, you can pave your way
to looking for a permanent resident option easier than professionals. Good Luck!

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