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Hongkong Immigration & Visa

Hongkong is among the leading global gateway for trade and finance. The bountiful salary packages and
low taxes appeal the expats to be part of their land. The nation of a vibrant economy, unrestricted policies
and free trade offer a flexible platform for initiation of a startup.
The national economic strength includes an upstanding banking system, negligible public debt and wide
cut foreign reserve of around the US $408 billion as of mid-2017.
The work opportunities for an expat in Hongkong vary from junior to high-end executive positions. The
primary sectors of work include
finance, accountancy, sales and marketing, IT, human resources, legal, telecommunications, logistics, and


The nation holds business cordial immigration policies. Intrinsically speaking, the visitors from around
170 countries can relish visa-free stay in Hong Kong for a period of 7 to 180 days.
The individuals visiting the country for short-term can savor the light touch visa policies to conduct the
business objective or other negotiation.

Under mentioned are types of visa available:-

    Such type of visa is available to a candidate who is willing to enter into an employment contract with any
    organization legally incorporated in Hongkong.
    The suggested employee must be endorsed by the employer of the organization.
    Such a visa require the candidate to be owning the title of a shareholder of a company incorporated in
    Hongkong as per the laws applied thereon.
    To be a shareholder, an individual can
    – Either set up a company in Hongkong and become a major investor in it
    – Purchase the shares of an already set up organization in Hongkong.
    The candidate shall be a sole proprietor or a partner or a key researcher of a startup set up in Hong Kong.
    Such a startup shall be backed up by the laws and regulations of government programmes.
    Candidates who have successfully acquired such visa can also bring their spouse and kids (under the age
    of 18 years) to stay and persist in the land for the specified time, unless renewed.