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Germany Immigration & Visa

The city of poets and thinkers welcomes all International students in Germany to experience the
worlds finest education. Hosts to thousands of students every year from around the world, Germany
evolved as a strong backdrop to study and travel in Europe. If you are someone you want to live in
the serenity amongst the woodlands or beaches, Germany is the perfect destination to settle for.

With more and more individuals moving to Germany, the German Immigration rules and policies are
made more flexible in recent years. Although, there can no to negligible language barrier in Germany
if you just know English, upon learning the official German language, you can study in Germany for
free and gain better work employment in and around the city.

Before we set to explain you the different immigration visa policies, we would like to update you on
the fact that if you are a professional or a worker looking for employment in Germany, you can begin
working in Germany as soon as you arrive and can apply for the permanent residence visa right

Hence, keep scrolling to know all the facts and descriptions, if you are looking for the right visa for

Germany Dependent Visa this program allows you to move to Germany and meet with your family
or guardian. This program is easy to apply and you may get the decision of approval on the same day
or anytime soon on applying for this visa. Make sure to meet with the procedure requirements
mainly a consent application from the person for whom you are travelling, your real travel purpose
among all the other documentation.

EU Blue Card-Germany this visa is applicable to those individuals who are highly skilled and has the
authority to work and stay in a European Union. This program allows a legitimate stay in Germany or
Europe for a total of four years and it is limited to the specific time period. This visa can also be
extended as per your employment and residence verifications after the completion of your tenure.

Germany Masters/Bachelors/Diploma in Post-Graduation/PhD scholars Visa this visa program
allows to get enrolled in the top German universities for your higher education and research.
Thousands of students choose to graduate from German universities and the numbers are thus
increasing every year. Top reasons to choose Germany, because it offers free education if you take
courses in German and it also has tailored English courses with lower fees along with the handful of
scholarships to apply from. In case of research, you can avail free scholarships for your research and
contributions. With us, you can follow the steps of your moving abroad with ease and allows us to
guide you through the procedures.

Germany Skilled Jobseeker Visa If you are an Indian professional or a skilled or unskilled worker
wanting to look for better employment opportunities in Germany, you can apply for this visa
program. This visa program requires you to get an employment visa before you plan to move. Upon
arrival, your visa will be converted to the residence permit and an attached work permit issued along
with it. Using this one can look for various jobs chances. If you are in the field of engineering and
science, job opportunities in Germany are on your side.

Germany Visit Visa this visa is everyone looking to a vacation or a staycation in Germany freely. You
can not only visit just Germany but with the Schengen Visa, you can practically visit all of the other
European countries. We will assist you with your verification and documentation process and you
can plan your next vacation with us easily.


Germany Student Visa this visa program is for all students looking for study abroad programmes.
There are three types of study visas accordingly which you can apply (to know more about it take
free counselling sessions with careerhelper.in or directly book an appointment with us). This is the
most preferred visa program so it is made more flexible in recent years. It allows you to study in
Germany among the top German institutes in the world. You can learn from science, MBA, language
courses, research and a hundred other courses tailored for the right education. We will help you to
understand more through our services. Apply for this visa as soon as possible, if you are getting
yourself enrolled in a program more than three years then you will need to apply for a national visa.
Check out the description given in the Germany National Visa down below for more details.

Germany National Visa this visa program is only known as type D visa or long-term visa. This policy
allows you to stay in Germany for more than 90 days where you can live, work, study and travel. A
lot of verification is required to be allowed in Germany with this visa program. You need a prior
application and the approval of which is issued from the United Arab Emirates only. Although, this
visa is easy to get you must start planning early.