Students from all over the world go to Germany for education. German universities are the most
recognized and oldest in the world. Yours dreams of going to a dream university can be life-changing
and worth an experience. If you are planning to go to Germany, it will be almost like walking into a
storybook. A new place, with a different culture, beautiful towns, and those gorgeous landscapes, can
make your dream of studying abroad a reality.

Germany is a vastly cosmopolitan country, it is also a student-friendly destination. It gives countless
opportunities for any exchange or international students. Hassel free Schengen Visa can be acquired
readily. Studying abroad can completely shape the worldview while giving innumerable things to love
when in Germany. The language barrier may seem daunting at first, but Germany is also welcoming to
non-English speakers. Language proficiency in German leads to 100% scholarship education. Students
can avail free to no cost financial aid. Although, German is a beautiful language crafted philosophically at
its core. A suggestion is, you can try taking some language classes to understand a bit better if not to an

According to our study, around 69.2% of International Students prefer to stay after finishing their
education. It has diverse student population, it creates a great opportunity to meet new people with
different cultural background and learn a great deal amongst them. If you are a technical student, there
is an association between the nine most prestigious, oldest and largest technical universities in Germany
with world-class research prospects. Part-time and full-time job opportunities are also affordable for
easier living conditions. You will begin to love Germany, given some time upon exploring and
experiencing along the course. Most German universities follow a two-semester system while using your
study abroad program, students can tailor their course to fit according to and can make sure that
learning in English is a priority.

If you are among those determined English speakers, there are cities you can choose to live. The average
cost of living in Germany is also quite reasonable. The cost of living in Germany is the cheapest in
Europe. While you may have chances that your university offers a helping hand to exchange students
find places to live at their German University placements. Having a student status in Germany can open
up many discounts, one can show their student ID or afford a Bahn-card at most places to avail those
discounts. While travelling is inexpensive compared to other European cities, the comfort with which
you can travel throughout Germany and the rest of Europe is an amazing advantage to a study abroad