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France Immigration & Visa

France is among the most ‘sought after’ country for soliciting vocation. The country offers an
aristocratic standard of living with grandeur infrastructure, making it among the wealthiest
nation around the globe. It also holds a prominent position in influencing the cultural, political
and economic forces of European affairs.

The in-demand jobs available varies across domain such as teaching, business, Healthcare, and

The popular cities to hold a job in are:-

  • Paris
  • Marseilles
  • Lyon
  • Toulouse



The process of obtaining a visa will require special documents to be filed on the basis of your
purpose and the days of the visit. To make the country safe and sound, the government has made
all possible efforts in implementing strict immigration policies and thorough screening of

Under mentioned are types of visa available:-

    This type of visa can only be applied by students embarking to undertake any kind of internships,
    long-term courses, short-term courses, language courses or exchange programmes in France.
    Any courses or programmes which are deemed to be completed over a period of six months,
    doesn’t require any kind of residence permit.
    Whereas if a course or programme tend to extend the period of six months, such residence permit
    is necessary.
    Presently, there is an immense engagement of students to pursue their college education through
    foreign universities.
    With French universities being the most preferable and targeted option for students, above visa
    dealing with this particularised situation has been introduced, allowing students a stay as per
    timespan of their college education.
    An EU blue card is issued to non-EU foreign national and act as a residence permit to stay and
    persist in France for exploring career opportunities or to engage in any kind of job works.
    The main motive behind the EU blue card is to entice highly competitive workers from third
    world countries and introduce them to necessary opportunities.
    The card allows its holder as well as the family related to stay in the country for a period of three
    years and such a bandwidth remains renewable.
  • Ph.D. VISA

Ph.D. prospects in France are eligible for two types of Visa

Under this visa, the candidate is allowed to stay and persist in France for a timespan of Ph.D.
completion as well as six additional months after the end of their studies
Such visa provides the candidate with the privilege of driving in France, provided that he is the
holder of native driving license.

Such a visa is provided at free of cost, given that candidate is in contract with some national
research organization
Such a visa also extends to the spouse of the candidate
Tax benefits for a period of two years are provided.