European Universities has been the game changer for students desiring migration to Europe for
many years now. With more and more students interested in moving to European countries, it
has become the hotbed of education in recent times.

Now we may ask why Europe is popular amongst students and professionals?!

Most of people shares a dogma that Europe is the ‘land of rich’- belonging to high society
people holding specific wealth. They consider Europe as an expensive and unaffordable
domain which can only exist in imagination of an average middle class person.

Well, to burst that myth bubble, let me mention that on the contrary to such dogmatic opinion
that a lot of European countries are rather reasonable and cheaper as compared to India. I
know this makes you wonder about its dimension of possibility and its reality.

Medical studies in Europe are cheaper than that of India. Most colleges/universities in Germany
offer free education on learning to speak in German. You can also register to English study
programs, there are multiple scholarship opportunities and benefits added to your already low
tuition fees. Yes, you heard me right.

As you may know, most European countries have a language criteria required by you to pass.
So, if the idea of learning a completely new language petrifies you – Calm down and throw away
all of your worries. As you are not required to be fluent in it but merely require enough
understanding to communicate with your fellow mates and people around you. Only basic
understanding of language can help you to obtain local jobs opportunities. You can refer to
online courses or self-study the basics and you are good to go.

Travelling around Europe is affordable as well. Inter Railing via trains are commonly used by
students to travel across various parts of Europe. You can see a lot of places in less time and
space. Europe has around 50 different countries and they all differ from each other in terms of
customs, lifestyle, language etc. Studying abroad is a good strategy for long-term travelling if
that is what excites you the most.

Students can apply for Schengen Visa with ease. Professional Visa might require some time for
proper documentation and verification. Make sure you apply three months before moving. In
case your visa gets declined and there is no time left on the clock- you are bound to feel
shattered. So, it’s highly advisable not to take any last-minute risk. A, It's a matter of possibilities
and being prepared before time.

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