The Immigrant population in Estonia is not different than any other part of Europe. With Estonia
joining the European Nation it has become home to the fairly large number of foreigners. Estonia
visa and immigration are an easier option among various people. With the increasing demand of
people settling in Europe, Estonia is not far behind the growth.

The country shares the European Union territory; hence one needs a Schengen Visa to enter Estonia.
Schengen Visa is similar for all the European nations. The visa will thus allow one to freely travel
around other parts of Europe and to settle down. The Estonian people are largely reserved and
peaceful as a host. They are usually referred to as “eastlased”.

Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and Russian border, Estonia is fairly large in area. Due to its historical
past, various languages are used in Estonia such as Siberian, Finnish, Russian, Hungarian and
Estonian. Now if learning a new language is difficult for you, then you might be happy to know that
English is gradually getting attention and popularized in the country amongst its people.

If you are used to the warmer temperatures, the Estonian climate is temperate and mild in its
nature. One must not be having much difficulty in adjusting to the climatic conditions of the country.
The country has warm summers and fairly severe winters. You can also enjoy the local food which
includes fish, meat and potatoes as the staple along with diverse international dishes.

Now lets us guide you through more details on Visa and Immigration policies of the country:

BLUE CARD VISA: this visa is for the immigrants who are seeking for a permanent residency. Only
skilled workers or professionals are eligible for this visa. This visa allows individuals to bring in their
family with them. The members can gain access to all the rights of the country. There are various
documentation requirements which are needed to be fulfilled before applying for this visa.

Students moving for study abroad programs need to show their acceptance letter from the
university to the officials before getting approved for the visa.

SHORT TERM VISA: This visa allows to stay in the country for a short period of time. People applying
for this visa can travel and explore the rich cultural history of the country. For business
appointments to conferences individuals can apply for the short-term visa and may return upon the
expiration of the visa. Foreigners wishing to reunite with the families or family member can also
apply for this visa.

The Estonian immigration policies are quite rigid and individuals applying for this visa needs to have
legal documents for the verification and no criminal records.


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