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Dubai Immigration & Visa

The United Arab Emirates is a place for the youth of today – Dynamic, versatile, Young, and
enriching culture with overwhelming hospitality along with stable political situation makes it
one of the thriving nation to not miss while looking for opportunities to study abroad.
Dubai as known the world’s entertainment capital has emerged as the most popular land for
students, to explore the new education avenues – given the fact Dubai has top universities
listed in Gulf Area amongst the top 50’s.

It is one of the fastest growing economies and provides amazing lucrative opportunities to the
students to work.

Cultural Aspects of Dubai

With lots of immigrants, Dubai has become a land of foreign-born – with the best blend of
fusion and varied lifestyle accompanied by high living standard portrays the best example of

Arab traditional culture dominates the city but given its a melting pot with tonnes of
nationalities, the majority of them are Iranians, Pakistani's and Indian.
Arabic being the official language, but with different residents from all over the world enough
to give us the cultural shock, English is the most common language accepted well by Dubai
people and have found a permanent home-stay.

Visa Application

There is no requirement to get a visa if student parent country is
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. For other international students, the visa is
mostly sponsored by the universities they are applying for in Dubai. Hence the process vary
from university to university.