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Design requires a deep sense of creativity and an artist’s sense of aesthetics. With the growth of arts
and fashion related studies, more students are moving abroad to achieve the finest education to learn
and boost their career. You develop international exposure by learning to view the world and its issues
from a different perspective. It will help you grow as an individual. Learning art develops a more
cultured and matured way of viewing the world. It also develops individual development.

There are several top design institutions in various countries like UK, USA, Canada, Germany and
Australia which delivers an excellent education in terms of knowledge and creativity. There is a range of
design courses you can choose from instrumental design to fashion designing or fine arts etc. There is
various study abroad programs. Such universities offer a modern-day approach learning technique and
atmosphere enabling students to conquer, think creatively and independently. It gives the opportunity
for all-round development as an individual.

There are numerous scholarships for art students available around the world, including funding to study
art, product design, graphic designs and multimedia, interior design courses etc. There are several ways
of teaching including lectures, seminars and workshops, group experimenting that you can attend.
Internships with top global brands pave the way to a brighter career opportunity. You can also get a full-
time placement with leading fashion companies after graduating. Visiting International fashion shows
and exhibitions as part of your credit increase the attraction and experience.
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