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Denmark Immigration & Visa

Do you look at the postcard pictures of the Norwegian sky and dream of being there?! You can now
live your dream by moving abroad in Denmark, a city close to Norway. A country of happy
individuals, welcoming hosts and a friendly nation, Denmark is considered the happiest place on

A green country lifestyle and long summer evenings, you can experience the Danish countryside with
the long miles of coastline. The Danish food along with the Nordic Cuisine is dominating the world of
culinary. You can also access free healthcare services and start learning Danish if you are looking to
settle in Denmark.

Although, the Danish Immigration and Visa is not a tough nut to crack you will need to meet with the
requirements to be allowed within the country peacefully. Register with us to know about the
procedures while we guide you about the various visa programs and policies down below.

Student Visa this visa program is for all students encouraged to study abroad in Denmark. Enrol
yourself in the best universities for your masters, bachelors, post-graduation diplomas or research.
There are various courses and programmes to choose from with real-life practical teaching
techniques. Denmark is known for its innovative educational methods worldwide. Students and
individuals can get enrolled in Danish Universities and this visa is permitted throughout the tenure of
the courses. Students can also work during the program and can earn while they learn. One can
choose to look for a job in the additional six-month benefit upon the student visa expiration. Post
which the student can apply for a work permit and continue with the employment. All the visa entry
requirements will be guided by our counsellors.

Student Dependent Visa this visa program allows you to bring someone related to you, like your
parents, dependent unmarried children, spouses or partner. They can accompany you while you
study in Denmark. Your dependent family member or registered partner is eligible for the residence
permit and must live at the same place and are allowed to work full time in Denmark. Bring your
family with you to Denmark and explore the world full of possibilities and opportunities.

PhD General Visa/ PhD ASA this visa program gives students the stand to edge their career. With
learning approaches modelled into innovation and concept. It is best suitable for students or
individuals looking to pursuing research in Denmark. Exploration to curate an innovative path of
learning while researching will not only bring forth your ideas but also you as an individual. This visa
policy also allows you for a residence permit upon arrival and you can bring your family member
while you follow a PhD programme. You and your family member or partner are also allowed to
work while you learn. Post your programme you can apply for a job in the given additional six
months or can choose to validate your residence visa.

The PhD ASA program allows you to be eligible for getting fee waivers at all international
universities. This will not only help you to support your education but you can study without having
to worry about your tuition fees.

Denmark Work Permit this visa program allows you to work as a worker or a professional in
Denmark. The various requirements and rules are based on your nationality. There is a special policy
for skilled professionals can easily be eligible for a residence and work permit visa in Denmark.
Register with us and allow us to guide you obtain a smooth visa procedure. However, we do not
guarantee your visa. On being eligible for your work permit you are also eligible for a residence
permit to live and work freely in Denmark.

You can also be the subject to deportation on finding illegal working grounds.

Family Visa this visa program allows you to be reunited with your family member or your partner or
spouses to live in the country with you. This visa also allows the reunited member to work in the
work while the person lives with you. This policy limits itself to three years only and can be extended
later. Although the requirements for this visa are simple and easy, the learning of the native
language will become a necessity in this case and you might also need to pass a basic entry level
exam as your entry requirements.

Green Card Dependent Visa this visa program is for skilled professionals and individuals looking for a
better employment possibility in Europe. This is the best way to apply for a full-time residence
permit with your family in Denmark. If you are someone looking to apply for this visa, make sure you
apply beforehand as the process makes about a year or less to be granted.

Business Visa this visa program allows you to explore innovation or start a business in Denmark. The
requirements are quick and easy to build your business in a few days. There are various ways you
can register in Denmark. Register with us to get all the requirements for setting up your own
business. We will provide free counselling and guide you through the requirements with a complete
insight into the market to location and links to set up smoothly and hassle-free.

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