With an increase in the number of foreign nations settling in the Czech Republic, it can be said to be
a multi-cultural population. Hence, the total number of foreigners living in the country has risen.
Having said that, this is the perfect time for you to settle abroad and in a country like the Czech

With its rich historical background and renowned universities, you can seek the world-class
education without much effort. The country shares its border with Germany, therefore you need to
apply for a Schengen visa before deciding to enter the Czech Republic. Although Czech Republicans
speak mostly German, its people also use English equally.

You can enjoy the moderate continental climate in the Czech Republic without worrying about the
extreme temperatures. Summers are quite long and you will experience cold and snowy winters.
While in the country you can also enjoy the hearty and tasty Czech cuisines. The food will not fail to
disappoint you with meat and loads of beer to keep your winters at bay.

All your documentation requirements are needed to be approved by the officials before you choose
to settle in. But once you settle down you can work a total of forty hours a week and eight hours a
day. This way, you can learn and work at the same time without much difficulty. The public
transportations include buses and trains, and most students and individuals use them for the
everyday commute.

Lets us help you to understand more about the Czech Republican visa and immigration rules and
policies here, down below:

BLUE CARD VISA: this visa is also known as the employee card visa and is for the non-European
skilled professionals and workers. For all foreign immigrants wanting to settle down in the Czech
Republic and has the right skill in order to do so can apply for this visa. You can be the permanent
member of the country once your visa is approved and can attain all the rights to live. Based on your
job or work contracts you can settle in the country without any issue.

This visa also allows you to move freely within the Schengen area and in general Europe. There are
two types of visa available under the Schengen Visa.

SHORT TERM VISA: this visa allows you to stay in the Czech Republic for a maximum period of three
months. You can travel to move freely anywhere within the Schengen area. There are various other
visa procedure requirements and documentation which we shall guide you on bookings for an active
online or offline session with us. You need to be able to show proof of your financial status before
you plan your travel.

LONG TERM VISA: this visa allows you to stay for a prolonged period of time in the country. It is also
called type D visa. You must be able to fulfil the purpose of your visa before you get the approval of
this visa including your financial status only then the visa is granted to the individuals. Make sure
you apply beforehand, it takes quite a while to process the documentation and the necessary

In case of educational purposes, you need an acceptance letter from the university along with the
visa at the time of the visa documentation. This is a comparatively easier option to settle quickly.
Students offered acceptance from recognized universities are usually accepted in the higher


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