Canada is an enclave of the diverse community. People all over the world flock to settle in Canada for
higher education making it a truly multicultural nation. Ranked among the best countries to live in the
world, the quality of education in Canada is remarkable. If you are beginner preparing to live in a foreign
country, Canada is considered amongst the safest in the world for pursuing education. You can
guarantee a quality life with a modern approach to living. The picturesque country with majestic
mountains and healthy living environment make it an ideal place to live in.

Canada accepts 40% of Indian Students each year. With politically and friendly bilateral ties with India in
the field of education, you can dream of pursuing your career goals with ease of living abroad. Winning a
scholarship to study with any respective university will definitely make your life easier if you are
considering for a financial aid or on a budget education. The cost of studying in Canada is comparatively
less compared with other leading universities worldwide. It also has special SPP universities for Indian
students looking for the conservative college community and similar faces. With the best quality
education that Canada provides, it makes it one of the top choices for education.

While summer may feel glorious with endless activities, be prepared for the colder months. If you are
someone who is not used to the low temperature, winter can be severe. Saying that, pack your bags like
you are going on an expedition to the Arctic. It will help save your penny buying clothes and you may
also enjoy the snow and might end up love wearing the winter boots and experiencing the city. Your
living expenses will solely depend on your location and choice able preferences. Travelling in Canada is
also not very expensive, you can travel to the most beautiful and natural locals without going broke.

All international Students registering in Universities in Canada need a student visa, which is known as
Canadian Study Permit. It is readily available without much hassle. The Canadian government also has a
scheme which allows working and studying Post Graduation. You can apply for a three years visa
without having to move back to your country. Continue your education without a break in your career.
You can carry on with your education without worrying about language understanding or feel burdened.
English and French are the official languages. Besides, you can also speak in Punjabi, if you are one of
them. Now don’t start worrying, both languages are used in general. If you are fluent in English, you are
good to go. There is a range of universities you can choose, from public universities, liberal arts college
to popular private ones. One can explore numerous courses depending on your requirements. Canada
has it all.

You are here at career helper before taking the plunge. We will provide the complete guidelines on
admission requirements and visa applications. Information about your financial planning and how much
you need including your living costs. Scholarships facilities can be discussed and how to apply for it.
There are various student job opportunities. You can also stay and work in Canada after graduation. The
education system can be made flexible according to your terms, and we are here to provide counselling
before your before you every move.