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Australia Immigration & Visa

The home to one of the best universities of the world. Each year thousands of student’s flocks to
study in Australia. The country is recognized for its inspirational study abroad experience and culture
thriving scenery. The living standards and cost of studying in Australia are although high but it has
the high potential number of Students applying to various Universities for its different dynamic
courses the universities have to offer.

The cultural life of Australia includes clear sunshine and beaches for you to explore. It allows you to
attach closely with nature. You may also find various fun-filled activities going around you. People in
Australia are laidback and friendly. There can be almost no language barrier while you are in
Australia. Native citizens speak Australian English which can take time to adapt but it easy to get
used too once you start living and going around. It is important to learn English before applying for
Australian Visa.

If you are looking for the right visa to apply for, here, allow us to guide you:

Australia Temporary Graduate Visa can also be referred to as subclass 485. Students working in
colleges or universities can easily apply for this visa as it allows to work while you learn throughout
the duration of your study. This visa is now divided into two kinds: graduate work stream which is
granted for 18 months and post-graduate work stream granted for up to four years. Make sure to
hold a legitimate visa while you apply for this visa, meet all the insurance requirements, you must be
studying in Australia while you apply for this visa and have cleared all your visa entry English
competent exams to be considered as eligible in case of graduate work stream and your skills
nominated as an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List in case of post-graduate work stream

Australia Subclass 457 Visa this category visa allows a work permit for overseas workers. This visa
program is for a temporary time period during which the worker or the visa holder can work under
their employee in certain conditions. If the employer willingly sponsors for the applicants or the
employer nominates the visa holder for a suitable position in their organization or the employee
applies for the visa for the candidate, in that case, the visa can be granted according to the

Australia Nominated Sponsored Subclass 489 this visa is valid for four years and are given to skilled
workers or professionals who can work within Australia. The visa holders are eligible for temporary
residence under the skilled immigration program. One can choose to continue living in Australia and
can hence apply for permanent residence ship. Upon continuous travel to and from Australia, the
holder can re-apply for the Resident return visa for the continuation of his work. If your family
member is residing in Australia and is willing to sponsor you, you can also apply for this visa. The
eligible candidates have to remain and work within the territory for at least two years.

Australia Temporary Work Visa can be applied for short duration and can also be referred to as
subclass 400. If you are someone who wants to visit Australia for educational conferences or press
visits, participate or engage yourself with an Australian organization, this is the right visa for you.
Apply for this visa for three to six months depending on your specialized work.