“His eyeballs glanced the pedestrians reshaping into a crowd. The altitude was high and
his breath heavy. He clutched his hands as his heart shivered with the wind. He used to
be scared of heights, but not today, not right now. All his failures and disappointments
spoke with him, whispering the loudest scream he ever heard.
‘Jump, you idiot’- he mumbled to himself in a voice distorted and cracked. Another gust
of wind passes through, following which he closed his eyes and took a foot forward to fly
into space and dimensions where he does not exist.”

In India, one student commits suicide within every hour of the clock. As per the Lancet
Report, India holds the highest rates of suicide among teenagers and youngsters. This
disastrous rate is only multiplying itself while we scroll through another news channel
broadcasting this epidemic.

The life of a student is much more complicated and tangled nowadays. No matter how
hard we seek the reasons to establish a cause and effect relationship, there is always
some variable beyond our comprehension.

A student life is not narrowed down to a routine but goes beyond with a regular struggle
A constant battle to avoid failure, A desperate desire to fit in, A curious mind bubble
revolving around hormonal changes, A heart aching crush, A paralysing peer pressure,
A handbag of dreams and frustrating Father issues with much more.
So, if you have a kid and thought bubble that ‘You know him well’, I would say think


Awareness is important for Teenagers as well as college graduates who are mostly
unaware of life consequences in educations choices, relationships or friends. It is
important to illuminate the fact that a little guidance can go a long way to resolve
matters which are often perceived complex from distance.

Not all journeys we decide end up like we want them to be. A lot of individuals who face
setbacks and encounter failures , slip in this gray area of hopelessness and feel as if
they hit the rock bottom. All they need is a hand for help that can dug them out and re-
color their gray areas with crayons.

A try for help it worth the several trails of reaching to the point of suicide. Guidance
opens the door to facilitating an open disclosure of feelings and thoughts that help in
unbinding the complexity within oneself.

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