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Post Study Work Options in Various Countries



If you wish to continue your education in Russia as a student, you must extend your visa permit for the further stay.


If you wish to work/stay after graduation you can apply for a work permit or residence permit.


Post-Graduation- 24 months work permit part-time.

Apply for a PR if you have a paid employment.

Under Graduation or Bachelor courses – Apply for a work permit. 



You can apply for the work visa on completion of your course if you want to find employment and work long after your education.



10-Year visa for exceptional students.




Post-Study Work Permit up to 2 years. 



Get a work visa sponsored by the company employing, valid for 30 days. Then, apply for a Temporary Residence Permit for the duration of the contract.

United Kingdoms

Have to return home after Graduation.

Can apply for a work visa.



Stay back up to 3 months, upon course completion.

Long-Term Visit Pass for 1 year is granted to look for employment, after which you are eligible for Work Permit.



Apply for Work Permit as per your work contract.

On living more than 3 years you can get a work permit and can choose to obtain Permanent Residence.



Course completion less than 10 months- visa valid for one month,

Course completion more than 10 months-visa valid for two months.

Apply for Post-Study Work Visa to gain work experiences.


New Zealand

You can apply for Post Study Work Visa (Open) valid for 12 months.

In case of Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted), it is valid for 2 years.



You can apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit. Time duration equals to the duration of your course. Maximum 3 years.

Apply for Canadian Experience Class immigration program will allow you to get temporary PR, later can be applied for permanent PR.



You can stay in the US and apply for work, 3 years after the degree. The situation may change under Trump Administration.


One can stay till 18 months after completion of your degree, until you find a job, after that you can get unlimited work and residence permit.


Require work permit after completing your degree or course you applied for.


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