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Australian Colleges Offering PHD’s

PhD in Australia

Enrollment in PhD Program requires all the necessary documents, decide on the course and institution, application for the course, receive your letter of offer from the university, receive confirmation of enrollment, visa procedures and documentation.

Important Notice: Before applying for Australian universities, make sure you have a research paper published previously. This not only guarantees higher ranked universities but also easier enrollment.

Career Helper chargers 10%-20% as payment as per your scholarship details grants.

      Australian Universities             Fully-funded             Partially funded
The University of Melbourne

-Research in various field.

                   Yes                      Yes
University of Sydney

-Social work or education

 Yes (40 Scholarships available)  


Monash University

-research in various field.

                   Yes                       Yes

The University of Queensland

-any study area.



The University of New South Wales

-public research university.



University of South Australia                    Yes                       Yes
University of Canberra                                          Yes
Australian National University 62 fully funded scholarships available                        Yes
Australian Catholic University                      yes                       Yes
Charles Sturt University                        Yes


Macquarie University

-special scholarships for Indian womens from various colleges.



Southern Cross University-Organic Agriculture Research, Flood Mitigation, Coastal Engineering, Food Security, Environmental Contamination, Renewable Energy and  Global Change.



University of New England                      Yes                        Yes
University of Newcastle                       Yes                        Yes
University of Technology, Sydney                       Yes                        
Western Sydney University Yes , to few selected     candidates                         Yes
University of Wollongong                      Yes                         Yes
Charles Darwin University                       yes                          Yes
Bond University

-Full funded doctoral degree.

                      yes                          Yes
CQ University                       Yes                          Yes
Federation University of Australia                          Yes
Griffith University                         Yes
James Cook University                        Yes                         Yes
Queensland University of Technology                         Yes
University of Southern Queensland                   Every few               Mostly Partial
University of the Sunshine Coast                     Yes                        Yes
Carnegie Mellon University                      Yes                        Yes
Flinders University              10 fully funded                        Yes
Torrens University Australia                     





University College London                       Yes
University of Adelaide                        Yes                        Yes
University of Tasmania                        Yes                       Yes
Curtin University

-Public Health

                       Yes                        Yes
Edith Cowan University                        Yes
Murdoch University                       Yes                        Yes
University of Notre Dame                        Yes                        Yes
University of Western Australia            10 fully funded                        Yes
Deakin University 8 fully funded just for Indians                         Yes
La Trobe University                      Yes                         Yes
RMIT University                        Yes
University of Divinity

-Religion and Theology

Swinburne University of Technology                     Yes                          Yes
Victoria University

-Externally Funded

Greenwich University                      Yes                  


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